Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Peaceful Reflections

By: Michelle Kroll
Below are some reflections from a gathering I did this weekend and co-facilitated. I thought this might be a nice platform to share. The delphinium flower was drawn by me :) Enjoy!

You Are There
I see you,
before that...
I felt you.
I know that you
are always there
watching over me,
to help me
right the wrong.
You are there
to calm my storm.
I am cautious
and carfeul
to be only my best
for you!
If I fall,
you are there
helping me to rise.
I try to see only good,
for you.
For you always
see the good in me.
You are there,
I see you,
helping me, be me.

I had several people in mind when I was writing that. So, I think it goes out to all my family, moral and creative support.

Passion Engaging All Calm on Earth


And a special haiku for someone near and dear.

Abundant is she,
So good and strong and love filled,
Inspires you and me!

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