Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer, Summer, Where for Art Thou Summer?

By: Sr. Guadalupe Medina

Here we are in the month of June and today it is summer, at least according to the calendar. Yet, the spring showers or better yet the heavy spring down pours continue to bless us with plenty of water. It appears that spring has spring hasn't really arrived, so how can summer be upon us?

If one looks beyond the unpredictable climate, one realizes spring did arrive in it's full glory. Now, the harvest fields and gardens are thriving with plenty of beauty and bountiful harvest. Despite the grey gloomy rainy days, the mystery of the Creator of all continues to reveal His unsurpassable power. We have seen some small glimpses of sunshine, the magnificence of nature quietly continues to give of itself. Trees have new abundant leaves, flowers have sprung and blossomed, and crops are beginning to flourish and ripen.

What it speaks to me is "The Great Mystery" of the unseen ray of life; to which NO ONE can keep from penetrating this bountiful world we call Mother Earth.

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