Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Morning Song!

Morning Song by Wendell Berry
 “An Entrance to the Woods.”

“The dawn comes slow and cold. Only occasionally, somewhere along the creek or on the slopes above, a bird sings. I have not slept well, and I waken without much interest in the day. I set the camp to rights, and fix breakfast, and eat. The day is clear, and high up on the points and ridges to the west of my camp I can see the sun shining on the woods. And suddenly I am full of ambition; I want to get up where the sun is; I want to sit still in the sun up there among the high rocks until I can feel its warmth in my bones.”

As winter fast approaches with its cold and dark days, it’s easy to stay curled up in bed and not be interested in our day. There are appointments, meetings, family duties…a barrage of activities that we don’t have the energy to face. But, there is a place somewhere or a loved one in our lives who beckons to us like the sun on the mountain peaks, coaxing us to see what is shiny and warm in the world. Where is that place for you? Who is that place for you? Think about it today as you set your sights on the high places!

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